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Contract Insight Enterprise, by CobbleStone Systems, is an "End-to-End" enterprise level, completely web-enabled Contract Management Software Solution which provides enterprise contract tracking, contract drafting, unlimited custom user-defined fields, custom report design and generation tools, e-mail alerts, calendar reminders, task schedules and checklists, security, document capture and management, check in tracking, workflow, financials, cost control, searching, performance tracking, full text indexing, web platform, web calendaring, and more. It is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies so it can be deployed faster, supported easier, reduce your total cost of ownership and accelerate your return on investment.

User Friendly. CobbleStone's flagship product, Contract Insight Enterprise, is built to be the most intuitive, user-friendly product on the market. Continuous updates, based on user feedback and forward-thinking contracting professionals, allow CobbleStone Systems to continuously enhance system features while maintaining a straight-forward interface.

Efficient. CobbleStone's single point-of-access Contract Management Solution streamlines the contract creation, review, approval, execution, deliverables monitoring, and reporting processes. Reduce organizational risk and manage contractual compliance while increasing productivity with Contract Insight Enterprise.

Secure. User security access may be established, by Application Administrators, within the system to delineate the privileges of users on a contract, employee, department/division, and/or security group/role basis. Optionally, security groups/roles may be defined to easily establish permission levels for multiple users with identical access, viewing, and/or alteration privileges. Application Administrators may also define document-level access, field-level alteration privileges and enable the check-in / check-out feature for advanced version control. Google+ Contract Management Software

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