Industry Leading Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Benefits of Contract Insight Software

Contract Insight Contract Management Software has been selected by hundreds of leading organizations with thousands of users as their favored contract lifecycle management software and continues to be global leaders in the contract management software industry.

Contract Insight is:

  • enterprise-wide
  • web-based software
  • easy to use
  • simply managed and setup
  • robust
  • intuitive
  • flexible
  • scalable
  • built with innovative features

Contract Insight offers unparalleled contract management software flexibility and functionality to help obtain a quick ROI that can be calculated using CobbleStone's ROI Calculator.

Valuable features included in Contract Insight:

  • User-Defined Fields
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Sub-Tasks & Milestones
  • Ad-Hoc & Custom Reporting
  • Clause Library
  • Contract Authoring
  • File/Folder Document Management
  • Key Date Alerts
  • Add Unlimited User-Defined Fields
  • Roles & Security

Contract Insight Contract Management Software provides flexible contract tracking functionality and also assists with compliance, monitoring, and risk management. Contract Insight is a user friendly contract lifecycle software solution to assist in a comprehensive range of organizational events.

Cut Agreement Completion Time

Contract Management through Contract Insight Software Solutions eliminates common bottlenecks spanning the contract creation, approval, negotiation, and renewal/termination processes. The result from eliminating these potential bottlenecks is quicker contract execution within your organization.

With Contract Insight, organizations can:

Easily draft contracts within our system's template manager that is fully integrated with MS Word with dynamic merging clauses. Easily set up standard mergable contract/document templates with preapproved language.

Features include:

  • Unlimited Document Templates
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Unlimited Merging Fields
  • Rules-based Clause Library
  • Version Control
  • Version Compare Tools for MS Word docs and PDF Files

Contract Insight CLM solution saves you extra time through the negotiation process with visual comparisons of the text between versions of a contract.

Improve Employee Productivity

Currently, organizations and their employees are expected to do more with less. This typically leads to unwanted or unintentional shortcuts and oversights. Contract Insight Contract Management Software automates common contract management workflow processes, and has the ability to streamline processes by eliminating steps altogether.

Actual Risk Visibility

Numerous companies have agreements dispersed across varied business units or in departmental structures, often tucked away in filing cabinets or hidden on individual employee hard drives. With disorganized internal contract management procedures organizations are put at great risk and potential business loss increase exponentially. Contract Insight Contract Management Software provides Sales Departments, General Counsel, Procurement, Compliance, IT and any other departmental units or groups with prompt access to every contract, committal or agreement needed through a central, unified contract repository.

Maintain Profitable Contracts

CobbleStone Systems' Contract Insight Contract Management Software offers up to date visibility on any and all existing contracts and agreements. This real-time visibility provides an advantage in negotiating new agreement terms and conditions and in consolidating contracts with the best terms. Contract Insight provides a full featured contract drafting tool to precisely and consistently create contract language and merge in contract details. By streamlining the contract drafting and approval/negotiation processes, you and your organization can devote a greater quantity of time to focusing on unique and high-value aspects of your agreements.

Contractual Obligations and Important Milestones

Legacy contract management filing often leads to forgotten contract information in large stacks, cabinets, and spreadsheets with important obligations being overlooked. Contract Insight extends beyond providing trigger based alerts and allows for simple alerting/ workflow capabilities so your organization can ensure that its employees actually follow through on important items and reach critical contract milestones. Contract Insight Enterprise offers sequenced processes, tandem processes, as well as escalations to ensure each of your obligations and milestones are met in the manner deemed necessary.

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