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CobbleStone Systems offers system planning services to organizations seeking guidance in assessing their contract management requirements and needs. If you are a new or current customer, or still deciding, we offer professional planning services to aid in your system implementation. Our professionals will provide recommendations to fit your situation and goals. Leverage CobbleStone's decades of experience with hundreds of successful implementations to ensure a successful project.

Steps to a successful contract insight implementation:

Needs & Requirements Plan

Our staff of experienced implementation specialists will perform an in-depth assessment of your organization's needs and requirements based on your current business processes related to your contract management. These types of assessments usually occur through several meetings with key stakeholders and business users. During this discovery and information gathering phase, we review your contract management processes, contracts and existing systems. Each of these topics helps to classify and analyze all elements neeeded to ensure an efficient and effective implementation of CobbleStone's Contract Insight software.

Implementation Recommendations

Our staff of highly qualified Contract Insight professionals will offer proven guidance specific to your needs based on over 20 years of best practice implementations. This guidance is intended to enhance your usage of CobbleStone's Contract Insight software in the following fundamental areas:

  • Contract Software Implementation Goals
  • Legacy/Historic Data Migration and Import Services
  • Audit of Contract Data
  • Standardize Files & Attachments
  • Needs for Departmental Setup
  • Key Dates Alerts Management
  • Searching & Reporting Options
  • Clause Library
  • User Permissions & Security
  • Supplier/Client Performance Management
  • Email Alerts & Calendar Notifications
  • Contract Authoring
  • Approval/Review Workflow Processes
  • User Dashboards Setup
  • Analysis of Systems Integration

Implementation Plan

For more complex deployments, a comprehensive implementation plan can be provided to your organization including the tasks to ensure a successful transition from your existing contract management process to Contract Insight, Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions. A phased implementation approach is typically recommended, but the details vary based on your organization's needs and requirements.

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